Ways to Drive Traffic from Twitter

11 Ways to Drive Traffic from Twitter

I'm on a mission this summer to pump up my social media across all platforms, My favorite social media channels right now are Pinterest and Instagram so I'm really doing some research and testing with different strategies to grow those two. I really want to see growth and improvement on all platforms so once a week I'm going to bring you a post of trick, tips and helpful links to get you growing on that platform. So today is week one and we are focusing on Twitter. So here are some ways to get the most out of your Twitter profile and what you can do to make it better.  We all want to get better as bloggers and improving social media will get us there. So I hope that you will find these tips and advice helpful to your Twitter and blog. These 11 ideas will help you drive your traffic through Twitter. It may not be my best platform but I know that through applying these tips and spending more time on Twitter that I will see my interaction grow and more traffic to my blog from it.

1. Twitter Etiquette to increase Retweets 

2.  How Bloggers Should Be Using Twitter

3. The top 5 mistakes bloggers make on Twitter

4. Here are some great Twitter chats to check out. I need to start participating in them more. I have in the past and need to get back to it.

5.Use Twitter to connect with Brands. If there is a product I really love I will tweet a message and include the brand in it. It's a great way to start building relationships with different brands.

6. Here are 99 things to tweet about other than just yourself and blog.

7. Make your Twitter profile so interesting so that when people land on it they know exactly what you do. (Great profile pic, link to your website, use keywords so people can find you and a great header photo)


9. 6 ways to grow your blog or business using Twitter.

10. Maximize your Markting Efforts with Twitter. Cheat Sheet from Socialtime

11. Spend a few minutes each day interacting with other bloggers. This will help you develop relationships with these bloggers.

I hope these links and tips will help you out with Twitter and help you grow your followers and gain traffic to your blog with your Twitter. It's not my favorite platform but I know there are a lot of benefits to using Twitter and I think if I just spend a little bit of time each day applying some of these tips will increase my Twitter reach and get more interaction on Twitter.

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