Social Media Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Social Media Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Today I want to try and answer common questions or misunderstandings people have about what I do and to share with my reader's something about what I do that you might not know. I thought I'd share some social media tips for entrepreneurs and bloggers to help you out.

The other day in my challenge post I shared that I come from a family of business owners. Lots of them. The one thing that traditional business owners don't always understand is that to continue to grow and build your business nowadays you have to focus on growing and building your social media presence. The times they have changed and the old methods of advertising are basically dead. Tv commercials don't draw the attention they use to, magazines and newspapers are going under as more and more things are becoming digital. For most businesses your customers are online which means that YOU need to be online. If you're not how are people going to know about you?

So if you're not online and you know you should be where should you start? There is a lot of internet out there and so much to learn but you have to start somewhere. Here are 5 easy social media tips to get you started at getting your business going online. I just don't think you can run a successful business if you are ignoring the internet, you have to at least be on there and you might as well be doing things right. So start with these tips and see where it goes.

1. You need to try to keep the same name across multiple platforms.

I'm not the same everywhere but if you look up Karissa Ancell or A Fresh Start on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You'll probably find me under one of those names. I need to make it all uniform I just like going by my name on some platforms and my blog names on others.

2. Don't try to be a master at every platform at once.

There are too many social media channels now, I can barely keep up. Find the 2 or 3 that you enjoy the most and try learning those first and getting good with them. Then if you want to add one at a time more.

If you want to learn more about Pinterest which I think you should. It is full of users looking to buy your products and visit your blog. I love Pinterest and it has grown my blog tremendously. I wrote a book all about how to use Pinterest and grow your blog with it. Click here to get your copy!

3. Remember social media is about giving as well as receiving.

If you want to grow and be successful on any platform you need to give at least as much as you receive if not more. What I mean by that is share other people's stuff not just your own. It helps other people out and maybe they will return the favor also your fans want to see things that aren't yours be a source of great information. I've found the more I share good stuff the more often that my stuff gets shared. It's just good Karma and it helps to build your blogging relationships.

4. Also, try to remember it's a learning process

I've been on different platforms for years but things are constantly changing and I'm always learning new things. Take the time to learn new things and ask questions if you don't know something. Someone out there will know, trust me. You also should read books and take courses whenever you can. There are free ones out there and paid ones. Take my free Pinterest course here. The more you learn the better you will get and the faster you will grow. 

5.  Don't use Social Media just to advertise your business.

The point is to be social so interact with people. Get to know your clients, answer questions, explain things, share new information. People don't  want to just be spammed with your stuff so mix it up with sharing your stuff and just interacting. It will build better relationships which will help you grow

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