Improve Your Instagram Reach

5 Quick Tips to Immediately Improve Your Instagram Reach

So let's talk about Instagram today. It's one of my favorite social media platform. I have mainly used it for sharing my personal life but in the last couple of months I've been trying to utilize it more for my blog. Today is going to be a short and sweet post. I'm just going share what is hopefully some good advice for Instagram. A lot of the general tips for social media I've shared so far applies to Instagram as well. So if you've been looking to improve your Instagram I think these five tips will really help you out.

1. Have a visually compelling feed

Instagram in a visual platform. Not all social platforms are visual but Instagram is. Learn what your followers like to see. To make a more beautiful feed then play with your phone's camera and practice. Try new angles and play with the lighting.

Also you can try different filters and editing apps to make your photos better. I need to start learning this myself. I also create and edit them on my computer then send them to my phone and upload them to Instagram

2.  Use Hashtags effectively 

One of the best ways I've found to get new people to notice your feed is through using Hashtags. You'll want to do some research for the top 10-15 hashtags for your topic or niche. Then when appropriate on an image add some of those hashtags.

You don't want to go hashtag crazy though. I will add maybe 3-5 hashtags to an image. I don't do more then that though. One because I think 30 hashtags on an image can seem obnoxious. Plus really common hashtags aren't going to get you found.

3. It's a good idea to connect and network.

Remember this is a social media platform so be social on it. Follow new people, like and comment on photos. Search hashtags that are relevant to you and scroll through images. Find things you like check them out. Follow new people and interact.

4. Have a purpose for your photos 

There are a few different categories you can have your images represents. Those categories are  Education, inspiration and Behind the scenes. I don't have a stunning or amazing feed but I try to make sure that every image has a reason. Either I'm trying to inspire through quotes or amazing images. I'm trying to educate with tips, books I love, or something from a post that will teach.

Or I am sharing a behind the scenes photo of my life. These can be photos of things I'm doing, stuff I'm using, my family, my pets. It just gives you a glimpse into my life.

5. Grow followers through Photo a day challenges 

These are really great to do and can be great to meet new friends on Instagram. Unlike blogging challenges though which I love and easily commit to. I struggle to stick with these challenges.

If you haven't done one before. Here is what is involved. Each day of the month has a prompt. You take a photo based on that prompt and when you post to Instagram you use the challenge hashtag. Then you search the hashtag find other people using it and connect. I follow them better than I participate.

Here is an example of one I check out and try to do through a blogging group I'm a part of. I wanted to show it to you guys so you could participate if you wanted or at least  get a better idea how they work

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