Negativity on Social Media

How to Deal with Negativity on Social Media

This is a blogging and business topic that has been going around in my head for awhile. I've been trying to work out exactly what it is that I want to say and how I want to say it. I think if you've really spent anytime on the internet you are aware that the internet isn't always the nicest place. I see it all over social media and blogs. People being negative and in many cases just plain mean for no real reason that I can think of. I don't really get the purpose of being mean to people. So I've gone around this topic in my head a lot and finally decided that it was time for me to just figure out how to say what I want to say and post it. I think as someone involved in blogging and social media sharing my thoughts about this topic and all things having to do with this blogosphere is part of my responsibility as a blogger. So here we go. 

So I want to start out this post by first saying that I have been so incredibly lucky and blessed so far by the almost exclusively kind and wonderful followers I have both on my blog and throughout social media. I have seen way too many bloggers who have been tortured and disrespected on the internet by cruel people and other than a few maybe rude comments occasionally I have been mostly spared and for that I am very grateful.

That being said there is still a lot of negativity out there that I am aware of. I see it on other blogs and on social media. Even if it isn't directed at me or my blog I still hate that it is out there and I am aware that as my blog grows and I get more followers that my luck might run out and some of hat negativity might come my way. So for all of you newer bloggers and even those of you who aren't as new. Here is what I've learned when it comes to online negativity.

* As hard as it is try to remember that these people don't know you and it's really not personal. I know a lot of really great people who have had some really mean things said to them. It's not true. They are great people and the people saying those things to them don't really know them.

*You have to be a positive person online as well. It's a good example and I believe kindness and goodness attracts the same. So if you wouldn't say it to someone's face than don't say it online. Even things that aren't cruel still shouldn't be said sometimes because it's a little rude and so I think a good rule is to only say things online that are things you would say to someone to their face.

* I'm also careful with what I post. If I really believe in something I will post it because my blog and my platforms are mine and if I believe in things I have a right to share it. I also try to avoid being inflammatory though because I don't want to share things just to stir up drama. I rarely if ever share things about religion, politics or my parenting choices. I know these can be very personal and hot topic issues and I have my beliefs but I don't think that all my followers should have the same beliefs. My blog isn't about my religion or beliefs so it seems unnecessary to post things to stir up drama.

* I think it's important to be an example of how I want bloggers to be treated. So when I'm on someone's blog or their social media I am always kind and am careful to not put anything that might be offensive. In life I always tell my daughter that you can't control other people you can only control your own actions. So I follow that same advice online. I can't stop mean commentors online but I can be a good example of online behavior.

* Have a policy on negativity: how are you going to handle negativity on your sites. Are you going to ignore it, respond to it or delete it. Figure out what works for you and how you want to handle negativity that works fir you. So far since I haven't had to deal with much of it I have been mostly ignoring and occasionally deleting it. If things start becoming more negative I will have to come up with a different policy if it becomes necessary.

So I know that nothing I do is going to make the internet a positive place and get rid of negativity but I have to  acknowledge that it's out there. So if you are a blogger or just love being on Social Media I think it's good to think about how to deal with negative comments and how they make us feel as bloggers.

Also know that my blog and platforms are all about positivism and inspiration. So I will keep continuing to do my best to make my part of the internet a happy and kind place. I hope you will do the same and if you need some kindness on your blog and have had to deal with negative people then know I support you and this community supports you.

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