Should You Share on Social Media

How Much Should You Share on Social Media?

How much should you share on social media?

I've been planning this post for a while now and today seemed like the day to post it. I've heard this discussed a few times before but it's a question that gets asked all the time about social media. That is how personal should you get on social media and should you have a business and private account or everything together. Here are my thoughts.

The thing with this topic, unlike my other social media posts is there isn't a wrong or right answer. We all have our comfort levels when it comes to sharing. I'm going to try to share my thought process and some things you should consider when making your own decisions about what to share on social media.

First thing to consider is what are you comfortable sharing and what is off limits. That gets to be your choice. Some bloggers I follow are open books with their personal lives and some aren't as much. I don't know if they are in relationships and others I know what their kids, husband, pets names are. Both ways are fine.

I like to know but I don't need to know. It doesn't make their blog better or worse. I like to share. I'm pretty open in real life and so it comes naturally to me to share a little bit about my husband or my daughter. Things in my past and my family don't have a lot to do with what I blog about, especially since focusing more on blogging and business niche. So I don't post as frequently about my private life as I did in the past.

For me I want it to feel very natural. If I bring up my private life it needs to fit what I'm doing. I share photos of my daughter, our pets, day to day life on Instagram and Facebook. I am very intentional with what I post both on my blog and on social media though.

I'm a big believer in setting boundaries in life. I know when I do I'm happier and I like knowing what my rules are. So I have rules for how personal I am. Here are a few of mine. I suggest creating a few that you are comfortable with for your social media.

  1. My daughter is old enough now that I am more careful with what I share. Any photos I post of her cannot include her school or dance name. I also don't want anything she could be embarrassed if her friends saw it.
  2. I'm careful with my exact location. I know you can probably find me on the internet and where I am but I'm not going to make it easy. I turn off any geo tagging on things. Unless I'm tagging that I'm at a super populated and only visiting.
  3. I'm very careful with my nieces and nephews identities. I never share last names or locations. I also watch out for embarrassment with them all getting older.
  4. I talk about my marriage occasionally but not in a negative or mean way. I have to protect my marriage , that's one of my boundaries.

I think if you want you can have separate business and personal accounts for things like Instagram. I feel like that is a lot of work and it's more about just keeping a balance of what you are comfortable sharing about you personally and providing content relevant to your blog or business.

If you are lost for ideas on what to post on social media I can help you out. I have a post with over 50 ideas on what to share on Social media right here. How much you share on social media and how personal you become is up to you and your comfort level as a blogger and person. 

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