Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Post On Social Media

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Post On Social Media

Here are three questions to ask yourself before you post on social media. 

1. Would I want to like, comment or share this?  So simple but too often this question is forgotten.  I really make an effort to stop and think if I saw this on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, wherever would I like it, comment on it or share it? If not then is it really worth it to post. Sometimes yes and that's because I think my followers on that platform will get something out of it and I don't need the information because I have it. This leads into my question #2

2. Do you know why you are sharing something? Is it to educate, entertain, inspire or connect?  On all platforms and for every thing you post. One of those four things needs to be true in my opinion. You should be posting something that educates your followers about something, that's purely for entertainment. Or it needs to be a source of inspiration or a way to build connection. Let me break that down.

Educate: example: if you shared a post on rich pins to your Facebook followers because you know your followers use Pinterest a lot. That is educating them on something they don't know.

Entertain: This is the point of meme's or Gif's. They are funny and make us laugh. Videos do this a lot. I post them on social media of funny pets or babies to entertain my followers

Inspire:  This is a lot of what you probably share on Pinterest and Instagram. Photos of things that are inspiring. Beautiful homes and offices. Clothing and makeup tips. All of these inspirational ideas and information.

Connect: This is used a lot when I share personal photos or stories on my Facebook and Instagram. It can also be used when you ask your followers questions. Anytime you try to share yourself with your followers or try to get to know them better.

3. Are you oversharing you?  I shared in a previous social media post in this series but I don't recall which one. I think that it's important to not make your social feeds all about you. I try to have at least a 70/30 breakdown. What that mean is that only 30% of what I share is my own links and stuff. The other 70% is other people's work.

This is because you don't want to come to any of my social platforms and just see post after post of all me. I will attract more followers and have more interested followers if I provide value ny sharing other bloggers and peoples work.

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